Los Ases del Futbol (The Soccer Aces) started in 1991 using traditional advertising. At that time people cut out a coupon from the newspaper, filled up with general data and who player would like to be part of the Soccer Aces. At the end of the season was raffled among all the fans who participated, a brand new car and for each Ace also gave them a car.

Today come alive again the successful promotion this time through Internet.

The portal consists of three main parts:

  1. Voting system.
  2. Trivia system.
  3. Integration of payment systems within the portal and convenience stores.

The model manages each user purchases at convenience stores (Tiendas Extra, 7-Eleven) and online, also keeps track of each player ratings and finally published in random trivia that assigns a first prize for correctly answering .

In less than a year have delivered more than 200 awards including a brand new car, several motorcycles, computers and tablets among others.

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