Bio Ethik Laboratories is a Mexican company dedicated to the production of treatments for reduce acne, atopic skin, varices and growth of eyelashes. All made ​​using the most advanced components available on the market.

We begin with developing marketing strategy products. We capture the desire of the customer in a product image fresh and appealing to the consumer regarding physician so the image also take on the seriousness of the laboratory.

The next step was to create the image that represent products. Keeping values ​​and considering that doctors would be severe critics of an image too commercial, we created the concept of formal product lines yet attractive to the retail market.

Next we create the online store, with a clean interface, simple and friendly. We created a responsive design to be compatible with all devices and animations and effects all created with javascript and CSS3.

First started a Facebook campaign with ads to generate branding and content strategy to create community.

This work has led us to create collateral materials such as brochures and folders aimed at doctors and brand posters for show on pharmacies.

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